5 Reasons to Buy Breast Milk Jewelry, The Ultimate Baby Keepsake

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5 Reasons to Buy Breast Milk Jewelry, The Ultimate Baby Keepsake

Breastfeeding is one of the most unique bonding experiences a mother can have with her child. It’s an opportunity for nourishment and celebrating the incredible milestone that is welcoming a little one into the world.

We also understand that breastfeeding isn’t the happy fairytale story for everyone. Some mothers struggle with production, while others have grieved over a miscarriage or stillbirth.

We know one thing for certain: breast milk is a symbol of unconditional love and strength. It’s a reminder of the beauty of life. And since breastfeeding doesn’t last forever, finding other ways to cherish the sentiment can help mothers feel more wholesome about their journey. Breast milk jewelry is one way to cherish this memory, and can be a lovely gift for any mom to commemorate her breastfeeding journey and honor her child.

Baby keepsake ideas like lost teeth, firstborn blankets and other trinkets are common ways to celebrate motherhood. Our breast milk jewelry can take this idea and make it an even more beautiful, personalized experience.

Here are five reasons to consider breast milk jewelry as a keepsake baby gift.

1. A Celebration of Motherhood and Breastfeeding

Motherhood has its ups and downs. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, teaching lessons of love, commitment, perseverance and so much more. Breastfeeding can be considered a similar journey in this sense, and both are worth celebrating.

A personalized baby keepsake, like a breast milk necklace or ring, can act as the perfect celebration of motherhood; encapsulating that raw emotion into an item that can be carried around forever. Mothers can wear breast milk jewelry proudly with love and joy, reminding them just how special and incredible the journey of motherhood and breastfeeding truly is.

2. Perseverance in Your Breastfeeding Journey

Breastfeeding isn’t one-size-fits-all – it’s a very different journey for every mother. Some produce breast milk at an immaculate rate while others supplement or transition completely over to formula. Even though the result is incredible – providing wholesome nutrients for children – it can still be an intimidating experience.

Gifting a mother persevering through her breastfeeding journey a keepsake baby gift like breast milk jewelry can remind her just how special this experience is, and how satisfied and fruitful she can feel knowing that her jewelry was made from her own breast milk.

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3. A Memorial

Breast milk jewelry can be a blissful symbol of life, but it can also be a sentimental reminder of love lost. Our jewelry can be a token of healing for mothers whose children were only with them for a short period of  time. It’s a way to grieve and process, but also celebrate a lost life and carry them around no matter the place or occasion.

4. A Gift to Your Loved One

Whether you’re looking for a token to add to your wife’s baby keepsake box or you’re searching for an extra special gift for Mother’s Day, a piece of breast milk jewelry can be the perfect memento.

Instead of gifting the mother in your life something typical like maternity pictures, pregnancy journals, or Christmas ornaments made with her baby’s handprints and footprints, breast milk jewelry is a gorgeous way to honor a mother. It doesn’t have to be tucked away in a memory book, but instead worn proudly as the finishing accessory to an ensemble.

5. A Thank You to a Breast Milk Donor

Whether you’re a mother who’s had trouble with breastfeeding in the past, or you’re the spouse to that mother, breast milk jewelry can be the ideal token of appreciation to a breast milk donor. This is a unique way to say thank you and recognize this person for their help along your own personal breastfeeding journey with your baby.

6. A Reason to get Creative & Crafty!

If you’re more of a DIYer, our breastmilk jewelry kit has everything you need to create your own breastmilk jewelry at home. Get creative and purchase the kit, then follow the step-by-step instructions on how to craft your own jewelry. Check it out and order yours today!

Find the Perfect Keepsake Baby Gift at Keepsake Mom

Baby keepsakes like breast milk jewelry offer an opportunity to celebrate birth and life in general.

Searching for a pregnancy keepsake idea for a mother of a growing family? Want to support a mother through motherhood of breastfeeding? At Keepsake Mom, we can help you bring the sentiment of breastfeeding close to your heart with our unique, one-of-a-kind baby keepsake jewelry pieces crafted by hand.

Our core values align with our mission to create heartfelt keepsakes that can make breastfeeding withstand the test of time:

  • Supporting breastfeeding. We are advocates of the breastfeeding community, supporting mothers who can and cannot breastfeed their children.
  • Trust. We understand how sensitive and significant breast milk jewelry can be, and we use this recognition to guide the morals of our business.
  • Family. We know it takes a village. We invite all family members, from mothers and fathers to spouses, partners, children and friends, to browse our keepsake jewelry.
  • Memories. We value the magic of breastfeeding and want to help you encapsulate your special memories with a lovely piece of jewelry.

Explore one-of-a-kind breast milk jewelry at KeepsakeMom. View our rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more to find the perfect breast milk keepsake. Whether you’re looking to customize a unique piece, or even a matching set of earrings and necklace, we have something for everyone.

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