Creative Pregnancy Announcements for Partner, Family + Friends

Mom-to-be pregnancy announcement photoshoot

Creative Pregnancy Announcements for Partner, Family + Friends

TL;DR: Discover heartfelt and imaginative ways to announce your pregnancy, ensuring your big reveal is as memorable as the journey itself. From intimate moments with your partner to joyous family gatherings and special sibling announcements, embrace these unique ideas to share your wonderful news. 

  • Announcing to Your Partner: Custom surprise box, breakfast in bed reveal, scavenger hunt. 
  • Telling Your Family: Group gift unwrapping, dinner announcement, custom puzzle. 
  • Sharing with Friends: Movie night reveal, themed photoshoot. 
  • Announcing to Siblings: Treasure hunt, sibling story time, big sibling kit. 
  • At Work: Sweet treats with a hint, email easter egg. 
  • Holiday-Themed Announcements: Special ways to reveal your pregnancy during Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, including gift wraps, themed photos, and special announcements. 

Whether you’re going to be a first-time mom or expanding your family again, parenthood is an exciting journey!  

Sharing this joyous news with your partner, family, friends, and even colleagues is a momentous occasion that deserves to be announced in a way that is as unique and special as the experience itself.  

Join us as we cover creative pregnancy announcement ideas to share the wonderful news of your expanding family, creating unforgettable moments that celebrate this incredible milestone. 

Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy 

From the heart-fluttering moment you tell your partner, to the wide smiles of family members and the excited cheers of friends, each announcement is a memory in the making, a story that will be shared for years to come. 

And there are endless cute ways to announce a pregnancy. From grand gestures and funny pictures to more intimate reveals, our list spans everything from the traditional to the unexpected to help you find the perfect way to announce your newest addition. 

Let’s not wait any longer, here are some fun ways to announce your pregnancy! 

Announcing to Your Partner 

Many people choose to share this exciting news with their partner right away. As Pampers explains, it can be helpful to have your partner’s support from the get-go.  

Announcing you’re pregnant to your partner may be a more intimate moment, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. You know your partner best, so keep in mind whether they’d want something witty or a more low-key announcement.  

Here are some ideas: 

  • A Custom Surprise Box: Fill a box with baby essentials (a onesie, booties) and a note revealing the big news. 
  • A Sweet Wake-Up Call: Serve breakfast in bed with a side of ultrasound images or a “Daddy-to-be” mug.  
  • Scavenger Hunt: Lead your partner on a playful scavenger hunt that ends with the pregnancy test. 

Announcing to Your Family 

Telling your family is also exciting! Whether you tell your close family members right away or wait until after the standard ultrasound is completely up to you. One pro of waiting until after an ultrasound is that you can receive a sonogram photo! 

These fun ways to announce a pregnancy are perfect no matter if your family lives close by or are long distance.  

  • Group Gift Unwrapping: At the next family gathering, give a gift that hints at the new arrival, like a onesie saying, “Newest Family Member.” 
  • Dinner Announcement: Host a dinner and serve dishes that subtly hint at your pregnancy, like baby carrots, and baby back ribs, followed by a sweet reveal. Or, arrive at a family dinner with “Mom and Dad” shirts and see who is the first to notice. 
  • Custom Puzzle: Send a puzzle that, once completed, announces the pregnancy. 

Sharing with Friends 

Are you buzzing to share your news with friends? There’s no better feeling than celebrating your pregnancy with your inner circle.  

Though there’s no right or wrong time to announce your pregnancy, Healthline explains that most parents-to-be wait until the end of the first trimester to spread the news. 

  • Movie Night Reveal: Host a movie night and play a fake trailer announcing your pregnancy. 
  • Themed Photoshoot: Share a themed photo shoot with props that hint at your pregnancy, like a baby onesie with “Coming Soon” printed on it. These pics are also perfect for sharing your big announcement on social media. 

Announcing to Siblings 

Involving your children in your pregnancy is a great way to begin building a bond between siblings. This starts with sharing your exciting news with them! 

These are a couple of creative ways to announce pregnancy to a sibling: 

  • Treasure Hunt for Future Big Brother/Sister: Create a treasure hunt with the final clue leading to a “Big Brother/Sister” t-shirt. This is best for an older child. 
  • Sibling Story Time: Gift a book about becoming a big sibling and read it together to reveal the surprise. Picture books are perfect for toddlers. 
  • Big Sibling Kit: Assemble a “Big Sibling Kit” filled with items that prepare and excite them for their new role. 

Don’t forget to have an older sibling involved in your announcement as well! A sibling pregnancy announcement photo is a cute way to announce a new addition to the world. Plus, the fun photoshoot is a great way to celebrate and make memories with your child before baby arrives. 

At Work 

Happy couple announcing pregnancy to friends at dinner

It’s up to you whether you share your news with your colleagues or not. However, you may want to let everyone know once your baby bump starts to show and it becomes more obvious.  

While announcement cards are a traditional route, you may also want to try these creative ways to announce pregnancy at work. 

  • Sweet Treats with a Hint: Bring in cupcakes or cookies with hints in the icing, such as baby footprints. 
  • Email Easter Egg: Add a subtle hint in your email signature, like a baby emoji or a countdown to your due date. 

Holiday-Themed Announcements 

Many parents-to-be have fun announcing their good news over the holidays. Not only is your entire family together but, there are so many cute holiday-themed announcements. 

  • Christmas: Gift wrap a sonogram picture to open on Christmas morning. 
  • New Year: Share a photo with baby shoes between you and your partner, captioned with “Our family is growing by two feet this year.” 
  • Sweet Announcement: Gift your loved ones Valentine’s Day cards that reveal your pregnancy in a poetic or heartfelt message. 
  • Costume Reveal: Dress up in a couple’s costume that humorously reveals your pregnancy, like a chef with a bun in the oven. 
  • Grateful For Two: At your Thanksgiving dinner, when it’s time to share what you’re thankful for, announce that this year, you’re thankful for the extra seat at next year’s table. 

Here are some more creative New Year’s pregnancy announcements: 

  • Midnight Surprise: As the clock strikes midnight, pop a balloon with confetti and a note revealing the pregnancy. This could also double as an exciting gender reveal! 
  • Year-in-Review Card: Send out a year-in-review card that includes your pregnancy as the big news for the upcoming year. You can even keep this card in your little one’s keepsake box so they can see what life was like before they arrived. 

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