DNA Jewelry: Placenta, Umbilical Cord, Baby Hair & Breast Milk

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DNA Jewelry: Placenta, Umbilical Cord, Baby Hair & Breast Milk

There are so many special ways to celebrate the birth of your new baby. From baby showers and family get-togethers to first holidays and other milestones, welcoming your baby into the world is an ongoing process filled with love and devotion.

In many ways, you’re not just celebrating your little one—you’re also celebrating your own journey as a new mother. Motherhood is truly one of the most important jobs in the world, and it’s important to recognize its struggles and rewards as you learn to navigate your new responsibilities.

There are countless ways to commemorate this incredible journey, but DNA jewelry is perhaps the most unique. It’s the perfect keepsake that you can always carry with you—not only does it represent the overwhelming love you have for your new baby, but it also allows you to preserve and cherish those precious moments forever.

So what exactly is DNA jewelry? How is it made, and who is it for?  

What Is Considered DNA Jewelry?

To put it simply, DNA jewelry can be any memento that uses a piece of DNA to create a wearable accessory. Examples of DNA keepsake jewelry pieces include:

These different examples of DNA can each be converted into gemstones or added to existing molds in order to create beautiful keepsakes that are unique to each wearer. 

How Is DNA Jewelry Made?

The finest DNA jewelry is made using a professional preservation process to keep the inclusion intact as it is transformed into a piece of jewelry. Breastmilk jewelry, for example, is created by collecting a small sample of breast milk and first turning it into a fine, dry powder. 

The process begins by mixing breast milk with a preservative to prevent bacterial growth. Once the milk becomes a paste, it’s transferred to a desiccator to remove all moisture. This is a slow, steady process that takes a few weeks, but it’s crucial to ensure that the breast milk is properly cured, as rushing can compromise the color and durability of the resulting breastmilk jewelry. 

After about two weeks, the paste is transformed into large flakes, which are ground down into a fine powder and blended with clear acrylic resin. This mixture is then transferred to a mold to set, at which point you can personalize the piece further by adding inclusions. This is when you might incorporate additional pieces of DNA from the placenta, umbilical cord, or locks of hair.   

There are kits available to make your own DNA jewelry, but we recommend handing things over to a professional to ensure that your piece is properly processed into a lasting, expertly crafted keepsake. Creating DNA jewelry on your own is time-consuming, and it can be difficult not only to secure the necessary materials, but also to actually construct a keepsake that is durable, beautiful, and free from contaminants. 

Who Is This Type of Jewelry for?

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It’s important to recognize that DNA jewelry might not be for everyone. Just as with any other type of jewelry, preferences can vary from person to person. So who exactly is it for?

For many, a DNA keepsake is a symbolic piece of jewelry that holds much more meaning than almost any other accessory. Some of the best candidates for a piece of DNA jewelry include:

  • A brand-new mom
  • A mom who’s finished having children
  • A mom who’s lost a child

Mothers are most likely to be interested in DNA jewelry as a way to commemorate the journey of motherhood and to honor their children over the years. But DNA jewelry isn’t just for moms—it can make a lovely keepsake for dads and other important figures as well, including guardians, grandparents, godparents, or other relatives. 

DNA jewelry can also be incredibly meaningful for any mother who has lost a child. The right piece can serve as both a memorial and a tangible, one-of-a-kind reminder that their little one is always with them. 

Why Consider Placenta or Umbilical Cord Jewelry?

DNA jewelry, such as accessories made from breast milk, are perfect for:

  • Celebrating motherhood. Motherhood is an incredible journey worth celebrating! A personalized keepsake can remind you of how special motherhood is—with all the love, strength, and perseverance that come along with it.  
  • Reflecting on the early stages of your baby’s life. The first year of your baby’s life can sometimes feel like it’s flashing by all too quickly. A DNA keepsake is a wonderful way to preserve that precious first year of motherhood. 
  • Memorializing a loved one lost. While nothing can erase the heartache of a lost child, DNA jewelry is a thoughtful way to help grieving mothers process, heal, and commemorate a life gone too soon.  
  • Giving and receiving unique accessories. Any piece of jewelry can look pretty, but a DNA accessory is a unique way to combine beauty with a deep sense of personal meaning and emotional significance. 

Custom Jewelry from KeepsakeMom

Instead of going through the hassle of creating your own DNA keepsake jewelry, why not hand the task over to us? At KeepsakeMom, we offer a wide variety of handcrafted breastmilk jewelry, all of which can be further customized with additional DNA inclusions. We make it easy to add any of these options to your breastmilk jewelry, such as:

  • Baby prints. Add a handprint, a footprint, or a pair of either or both prints. Simply send in a copy of your baby’s prints in any standard file format when you order your keepsake.
  • Locks of hair. We can wrap a strand of your baby’s hair around any breastmilk stone for a pendant, bead, or ring. Just send in about 20 strands of hair at least 1 inch long.

Personalizing your already unique breastmilk jewelry with one of these DNA inclusions is a simple way to symbolize your love for your baby—while reflecting your own personality and style. No matter what type of jewelry you prefer, you’ll love browsing through our wide range of one-of-a-kind breastmilk jewelry at KeepsakeMom.

So why wait? Go ahead and view our rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, beads/charms and more to find the perfect breastmilk keepsake for you and your baby. Can’t decide on one piece? Check out our sets collection to customize your own earring & necklace set. Matching jewelry designs are a great option when you want a cohesive look – or if you simply just can’t choose one!

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