Push Present Ideas: See Why Breast Milk Jewelry is the Perfect Push Gift

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Push Present Ideas: See Why Breast Milk Jewelry is the Perfect Push Gift

Giving birth is one of the most incredible, yet indescribable experiences a woman can go through. Bringing new life into the world is a blessing, creating an unforgettable bond between baby and mom. It’s the start of an everlasting journey.

But there’s no denying how overwhelming the birth process can be as well! Whether you’re getting ready to watch your spouse deliver, or you’re a mother who’s awaiting the arrival of your new grandchild, the new mother to be deserves support, love and praise for her priceless accomplishment. 

A push present is one way to show your appreciation, showing the new mom how excited you are to bring a new baby into the world, and how proud you are of her for making it happen.

What is a Push Present?

A push present may sound like it’s solely dedicated to mother’s who have “pushed” their babies out, but this isn’t necessarily the case!

Push presents are referred to as the gifts that a spouse, family member or friend gives a mother for all of her hard work carrying, growing, and giving birth to a baby. Push presents are for mothers who have given vaginal and cesarean births, and can also be considered for mothers who are adopting or working with a surrogate. 

Push presents can be given at any time, although the traditional method is to give the gift to the new mother in the delivery room after the baby is born. Of course, more personalized gifts, such as breast milk jewelry, can be considered down the line if you want the new baby to be actively involved in the gift! 

10 Push Present Ideas to Consider

Mom and baby bonding in the hospital

Are you interested in purchasing a push present for a loved one? Here are 10 gifts to consider for the new mother in your life: 

1. A Pampering Package

Being pregnant and giving birth can be one of the most strenuous experiences for a mother. Show her the importance of relaxation and gift her a pampering package! This can be anything from an appointment for a manicure or a haircut, or a DIY facial kit that she can do in the comfort of her own home. 

2. A Bouquet of Flowers 

Flowers are a traditional gift that never seem to go out of style. Surprise the new mom in the delivery room with a bustling bouquet of roses or the flowers she loves. This is a simple way to liven up the room and make her smile!

3. A Camera 

With all of the new memories mom and baby are about to share together, a camera can make the perfect push present. And if you gift a camera in the recovery room, you may be able to squeeze in a newborn photoshoot with baby before you head home!

4. Newborn Baby Photoshoot 

Speaking of the newborn baby photoshoot – this is a great push present to consider! Instead of relying on yourself to take professional photos of the newborn baby and mom together, hire a photographer who can bring the raw emotions of motherhood to life. 

5. An Espresso Machine

The restless nights are on the way. Help mom stay alert and focused when the long nights turn to longer days with an espresso machine. If you don’t want to bring an expensive espresso machine into the house, you can also give her a coffee shop gift card.  

6. A New Fragrance 

Help mom feel like herself again with a brand new fragrance. In many cases, she’ll take a break from strong perfume based on baby’s sensitivity, so consider a fragrance that’s light and airy. Something calm and sweet like gardenia can make the perfect option for a new mother. 

7. A Night to Herself

You don’t technically have to get a tangible gift. Motherhood is busy, and mom deserves a break too. Give her a night to herself, whether that means offering to babysit or sending her to a bed and breakfast to enjoy in silence. 

A Family Vacation

If you’re looking for a push present for wife that the rest of the family can enjoy together, consider planning your first family vacation with the new baby. 

11. A Silk Robe 

Sometimes, an opportunity to sit back and relax is all mom needs after bringing new life into the world. Make her feel more at home in the hospital or birth center by gifting her a silk robe. This makes it easy to stay comfortable and also makes breastfeeding easily accessible. 

10. Breast Milk Jewelry 

If you’re looking for a unique push present for mom that will keep the baby near and dear to her heart at all times, consider breast milk jewelry. From teardrop necklaces to rings, earrings and bracelets, you can find an assortment of jewelry options to choose from that can be made from mom’s own breast milk. This is the perfect gift for a mother persevering through her breastfeeding journey, and hitting the milestone of motherhood altogether. 

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