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To make this whole process a bit more clear to you, we have decided to write it in as much detail as possible. So, here it is.

We pick-up breastmilk packages every other day; You can expect us to write you on the same day we pick it up. This way you will know for sure that we have received your breastmilk.

We start working on your breastmilk the same day. We separate all the packages and number little packets (with your order number), into which your dried preserved breast milk will go. We make sure that there is no cross-contamination and all packets are numbered properly. We use our special preservation formula, which turns your breastmilk into powder and ensures that it will not grow any bacteria after your breastmilk jewelry piece is made.

After your breastmilk has been packaged into a small packet, we put it into a drying agent. The drying process takes around one to two weeks. Sometimes we have to dry it longer, depending on the composition of your breastmilk. If you breastmilk contains a lot of sugar, it will be stickier and therefore, will be harder to dry. In this case, it might take up to two weeks.

After drying, your preserved breastmilk will come out in larger “flakes” or “clumps”. We grind it into fine powder.

Your breastmilk is now ready to be turned into stone. We mix the breastmilk powder in with the highest quality resin (the best that there is currently available on the market), and add some shimmer or gold / silver flakes if you chose this.

After we finish pouring your breastmilk mixed with resin into molds, we take the leftover of your dried milk and put it into a small bottle, that has your order number on it. It has a drying agent (tiny pack) in it as well to keep it dry, to prevent bacterial growth. We store these bottles, numbered properly (your order number), for up to 6 months or even longer, so if you want to order more from us, we can do it for you in a shorter period of time.

It is very natural and expected, as breastmilk is a biological material. The protective coating that we are using after the piece has been finished, should prevent your precious breastmilk jewelry piece from UV rays, that are damaging to most jewelry, however special care needs to be taken in order to keep your breastmilk jewelry lasting longer.

After thorough inspection, we set the breastmilk stone into rings or bails, depending on the piece.

We package your precious breastmilk jewelry piece in a nice box along with care instructions and a small bag, where we recommend you store it. We then ship the package from Blaine, Washington. It usually takes 2 to 3 business days to arrive to you.

Shortly after you've received your breastmilk jewelry, we send you a picture of the bottle (with your order number on it) of your dried, surplus breastmilk that we store for you, along with the amount of how much you have. This is in case if you ever want to order from us again. We store these bottles, carefully numbered and properly stored, for up to 6 months.

If you get a chance, please let us know if you liked your jewelry piece. Your feedback is important to us.