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When buying breastmilk jewelry, you might have a lot of questions, naturally, because there is a lot of unknowns from, “Will the package get lost ?” to, “How long will my breastmilk piece last?”

So, “What if my breastmilk gets lost in the mail?” It is especially important, if the milk you send is all you have or if you are a low supply mother. Maybe, in this case, sending only a portion of it (so you can have a back-up) is worth doing. Usually stores don't need more than half an ounce or one ounce maximum of your breastmilk.

Sometimes post office delivery may not be reliable, it's true. However, you can send your package by FedEx or other reliable post service. It's a bit pricier, but well worth the peace of mind. Also, sending milk overnight priority might be a good idea, if you worry about freshness of the milk (although for most breastmilk jewelry formulas the freshness is not that important, as all the bacteria is killed in the process).

Another question that one might have is, "How do I package it properly?” Sometimes breast milk can get spilled, this is reality and there is nothing that can be done afterwards other than re-sending it. So, to prevent this from happening, make sure you seal it well in the container that we ship to you in a pre-paid envelope.

Another common question is, “Will the breastmilk spoil while being delivered?” It shouldn't matter and doesn't for us. The preservation formula that many stores use, such as KeepsakeMom, where we process and cure the breastmilk, turning it into dried powder, allows us to work with breastmilk of any freshness, whether spoiled or not, and to still get the same beautiful results. Nonetheless, if it's really important to you that your milk arrives fresh, then make sure you mail it by FedEx or any fast carrier.

Another important fear that we would like to address is when people ask, “How do I know if my breast milk is used?” This is probably the biggest concern people have when it comes to breastmilk jewelry ordering online.

Most stores that go into this business, do it with passion and love for what they do. They probably would not be in it, if they simply enjoyed making jewelry and didn't care about creating actual keepsakes for moms. We encourage you to connect with the store you intend to buy from, and feel and judge for yourself whether this store is trustworthy enough. Some stores provide you with pictures that they take throughout the curing and jewelry making process and/or send you the leftovers of your dried and cured breastmilk. We encourage you to ask also whether they use any coloring and how much of your actual breastmilk is going to end up in the jewelry piece. After all, you want the breastmilk stone or centerpiece you hold to be your breastmilk and not just a bunch of plastic and color.

Another important question that many people have when purchasing breastmilk jewelry is, “How long will the breastmilk piece last?” You're buying your jewelry as a keepsake to last as long as possible, hopefully forever, and perhaps to pass it on to your child one day. With proper care, your breastmilk piece should last for many years. And if high quality resin was used in the piece, it shouldn’t yellow. Most resins do turn yellow if subjected to harmful UV rays, water, chemicals, sweat, or perfume. In addition, breastmilk is a biomaterial afterall, so we would recommend keeping it away from water regardless. It's also good to know that it's not for everyday wear. This helps limit exposure to harsh elements.

Also, if a store dries your milk properly, bacteria should never grow within the piece, causing it to degrade. Again, we would recommend asking the stores you entertain how they can guarantee that their pieces will not deteriorate with time.