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Updated: May 23, 2019

We find this topic particularly interesting. In part, because this is where the creative process begins. And this is where you can express your individuality, your taste and preference in how you like your breastmilk jewelry keepsake to be preserved and worn.

There are different inclusions that can be used in your breastmilk jewelry. The most common one is birth color. Below is a table of birth months and the matching birth colors. The table is based on birth stones and birth stone colors.


January - Dark Red/Caramel

February - Purple

March - Light Blue/Aqua

April - Red/Cayenne

May - Bud Green

June - Yellow/Aspen Gold

July - Pink/Coral Blush

August - Sun Orange

September - Baja Blue

October - Light Blue

November - Red

December - Green/Blue

You can also go with a color that is special to you. It can simply be your favorite color or you can request baby blue or baby pink.

Sometimes keeping things natural is also appealing, so, if color is not for you, you might want to experiment with other fun inclusions. One of them is gold or silver flakes. Gold flakes are a good idea if you wear predominantly gold jewelry, silver for silver lovers. The gold flakes can be made with real 24K gold leaves or gold colored brass. Ask your store, if they use real gold flakes. Using brass that simulates gold may not be a good idea. With time if exposed to perfumes, sweat or other chemicals, brass can turn green, which can damage your precious piece. Real gold will not change over time.

There is a great idea on the market that makes your jewelry piece look like an Opal precious stone, the stone of those born in October. But it looks so pretty! In the sun, it shows all the colors of the rainbow in pastel tones. It might be our favorite.

Another type of “inclusion” would be to add your baby's name or birth date. This one is a lot of fun! It can be done in different fonts, different size letters, or it can even contain a small message. Usually names look best on a Pandora type bead or in a flat shaped pendant. It can be done in black ink or different colors as well as in gold. This takes a lot of effort and multiple steps to achieve, and therefore, these pieces usually cost a little bit more.

Another popular type of inclusion is a Pearl powder or so-called “pearl shimmer”. If your jewelry piece is in the shape of a pearl, it's fun to add a little bit of pearl powder. Why not make it look like a pearl? It doesn't add the color of white, but just gives it an effect of a pearl. Using too much of this shimmer gives it an unnatural look, though. We don't want to lose the authentic look of breastmilk itself, so we would recommend avoiding using too much of this.

Another fun inclusion that you can use in breastmilk jewelry is a lock of hair from your baby. This could be the very first lock, or if you didn't keep one from the child's birth, cutting off a little bit of hair from your child still does the trick. It's usually placed in the bead or pendant in the way you prefer. It can be curled in a piece or go around the whole bead in a diagonal way. You don't usually need too much hair, just a few strands.

Another important inclusion that some people use is dried placental tissue. Placental encapsulation is done by certified specialists. This process is not governed currently. If you decide to do this, you can use the dried placental tissue for a keepsake, that can be also mixed into your breastmilk jewelry piece.

So, adding different shimmers and colors in breastmilk jewelry is a great way to make it even more beautiful and special.