This breastmilk heart pendant will be made with your own breast milk. Gold flakes added in this 15x15mm breastmilk necklace. Gold plated flat cable adjustable length chain is included. Silver or opal effect flakes can be added instead of gold. Rhodium plated cable chain (adjustable length) comes in both options.


AMOUNT OF BREASTMILK NEEDED for this piece: 30 ml


Small breastmilk heart pendant with gold flakes

SKU: 00030
  • After you place your order, you can send us about 1 oz/30ml (or more if you like) of fresh or frozen breast milk (with or without cooler pack), in any container (small bottle is preferable), leakage proof, preferably in a bubble wrap envelope or a small box to the following address if you live in the USA:


    Anna Thachuk

    1733 H St Ste 700

    PMB 30735

    Blaine, Washington


    United States



    or if you live in Canada or anywhere else in the World ship to:


    Anna Thachuk

    2429 128th street,

    Surrey, BC

    V4A 3W2



    P.S. No overnight shipping needed, as our preservation formula allows us to work with any milk with same beautiful results.