This breastmilk necklace with your baby's handprint/footpring, real 24K gold flakes will be made with your own breastmilk and is about 25x15mm. Hair lock can be added. Chain is gold plated, flat cable, adjustable length. Flat back. Silver option is avilable.

Please let us know which print you would like us to put on the pendant- right foot/hand, left foot/hand, or both feet/hands.
Let us know please if you are sending actual prints or if you would like a generic footprint/handprint used.
Lock of hair can be added. 


AMOUNT OF BREASTMILK NEEDED for this piece: 30 ml




Breastmilk teardrop necklace with your baby footprint/handprint

lock of hair added
  • Shipping your milk to us is easy and free. After you place your order, we will ship you a pre-paid envelope with a return address and a container for your breastmilk. All you have to do is to fill it up to the fill-line (about 1 ounce) and send it back to us. So shipping your milk is free.

    Since we are located at the border, we have to pick-up locations Blaine, Washington (USA) and Surrey, British Columbia (Canada).

    If you live in the USA the shipping address will be:



    1733 H St Ste 700

    PMB 30735

    Blaine, Washington


    United States



    or if you live in Canada or anywhere else in the World ship to:


    Anna Thachuk

    2429 128th street,

    Surrey, BC

    V4A 3W2


  • The handcrafted nature of our jewelry is what makes each piece unique. Slight inconsistencies are a natural part of the design. Resin is a soft material. Water, disinfectants, antibacterial soaps, hand cream or alcohol products can tarnish your jewelry. To clean your jewelry, wipe it with a soft untreated cloth and store separately to preserve colors and avoid scratching. High heat, especially during summer is damaging. Please store in a cool place.

    e use non-toxic highest quality grade resin in all our jewelry, it is safe to wear.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 
    Thank you!