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KeepsakeMom’s Breastmilk Jewelry

Breast milk jewelry is a special keepsake for your wonderful newborn, embodying the effort and dedication that moms put into breastfeeding. These one-of-a-kind heirlooms celebrate that emotional, everlasting connection that can never be replaced.

We at KeepsakeMom are eager to share the genuine passion and care that goes into each custom-made piece, explaining how breast milk differs from mom to mom, and demonstrating how the tiniest change results in entirely unique stones for mothers around the globe. Our individually crafted breastmilk jewelry combines both meaning and charm to reflect the bond that every nursing mother shares with her child. Not only is it beautiful, but it also stands as a universal symbol of love and devotion.

All of us at KeepsakeMom feel truly honored to help capture this incredibly rewarding time in every breastfeeding mother’s journey. We look forward to working with you to create your baby’s very own personalized breast milk jewelry keepsake!


Mother Customizing Breast Milk Jewelry Design On Tablet - Sitting on Couch with Baby in Lap - KeepsakeMom


All you need to do is choose just the right piece—one that reflects your personal style and the bond that you share with your baby—and we’ll take care of the rest. And whether you fall in love with one of our inspired designs or create a custom piece from scratch, your breastmilk jewelry will always be absolutely specific to you and your baby.

Mom Putting Bottle of Breast Milk in Envelope to Made Into Jewelry - KeepsakeMom


When you place your order, we will send you a breastmilk kit containing a labeled, leakproof storage bag, a set of instructions, and a padded, prepaid return envelope so that shipping is free. Just add your milk and drop the envelope in the mailbox. It’s that easy.

Close Up of Mother Wearing Breast Milk Pendant and Baby Reaching for Necklace - Keepsake Mom


In 5 to 8 weeks (but up to 12 weeks for rings), your beautiful jewelry will be at your doorstep, providing you with a lasting keepsake of your breastfeeding accomplishment and a celebration of the lasting bond between you and your child. Cherish your beautiful breastmilk jewelry and wear it—with love, with pride, and with joy.

what our customers say



My necklace arrived and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so so much, I’m in love with it!




THANK YOU!! This is such a stunning ring it brings tears to my eyes. I will treasure this my whole life long. Thank you, thank you, so in love!!! x




I love my necklace! It is my favorite piece of jewelry besides my wedding ring. I appreciated the email that you received my breast milk. I have the heart pendant with gold shimmer. I especially love that my kid’s names are printed on the back.




I received my necklace today and just wanted to tell you it is absolutely the most beautiful thing ever. I have posted it in my mom Facebook group and hopefully you will get quite a few more sales. Thank you so much for this reminder of the most special bond between my daughter and I!!! I’m so in love with this necklace.




I think it is beautiful! You did such a great job!




In love with my pendant! Breastfeeding was such a sacred time with my little one and this is the perfect way to keep a memory of it close to my heart!






We are enthusiastic advocates for feeding mothers and the entire breastfeeding community, raising awareness, and supporting those who cannot breastfeed.


As nursing mothers, we know the importance and deep significance that our breastmilk jewelry embodies, and this recognition defines and drives the way we shape our business.


Family is the single most important influence in a child's life, and we work hard to welcome and include family – spouses, partners, parents, siblings and friends – in our offerings and efforts.


Few experiences are as magical for parents as watching their newborn develop. Baby keepsakes preserve this beautiful time and help us feel connected to our children, and to each other.

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