Breast Milk Rings

Breast Milk Rings


There’s nothing more special than the birth of your newborn. That’s why we created our breast milk rings—as a way to celebrate the lifelong connection you have with your baby, and to carry that connection wherever you go.

Rings Made from Breast Milk Are a Representation of Love

Each ring is filled with beauty and meaning, reflecting every mother’s individual journey through a universal symbol of love and connection. Since breastfeeding is such an amazing and personal experience, it deserves to be commemorated with a piece of unique, timeless jewelry. Our handcrafted breast milk keepsake rings are the perfect choice.

Though rings are often a representation of joy, each of our breast milk jewelry rings can also serve as a touching memento for healing mothers. Too often, we hear stories of mothers whose children were with them for only a short time. Our breast milk jewelry rings can give grieving mothers an opportunity to heal, and to cherish those fleeting moments in a beautiful, deeply meaningful way.

Breast Milk Keepsake Rings

Through our simple customization process, we can help you create the ultimate keepsake to commemorate your breastfeeding journey. Whatever your style, our wide range of breast milk ring bands and stones is sure to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We invite you to browse through some of our most popular styles, including:

It’s also easy to design your own ring by adding shimmers, color tints, and gold, silver, or opal flakes. You can even add your child’s name, footprint, or lock of hair to your ring.

So check out all our incredible options and shop our breast milk rings today!

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