• KeepsakeMom-Breastmilk-Jewelry-Fontsbreast-milk-bead-jewelry-rose-gold-silver-cores-pearl-powder-name-keepsakemom

    Add Your Child’s Name or Script

  • keepsakemom-birth-colors

    Add Birth Color to the clear part of the bead

  • Upgrade Simple Loop Bail to 18K Solid Gold

  • keepsakemom-rush-turnaround

    Rush Turnaround

  • extras-birth-stone-crystals-Swarovskibreastmilk-stones-crystal-birth-color.

    Add Birthstone Crystal

  • KeepsakeMom-breast-milk-jewelry-baby-printsbreastmilk-jewelry-ring-hand-print-hair-birth-shimmer-name-keepsakemom

    Add Your Child’s Prints

  • breastmilk-jewelry-stacker-rings-add-on

    Add a Stacker Band

  • breastmilk-bead-jewelry-blue-gold-sapphire-keepsakemom

    Add Fourth Bead to the Celebration Bracelet, Three Children

  • Breast Milk Storage Container and Bags for Storing Breast Milk - KeepsakeMomMom Putting Bottle of Breast Milk in Envelope to Made Into Jewelry - KeepsakeMom

    Add Second Breast Milk

  • breastmilk-jewelry-hair-keepsakemom

    Add a Lock of Hair

  • KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry Constellation Map

    Add a Constellation to Your Pendant

  • keepsakemom-pearl-powderKeepsakeMom-Breastmilk-Jewelry-Breastmilk-Necklace-Sweet-Pea-Silver-Pearl-Powder-Boxed

    Add Pearl Powder (Pearl effect)

  • keepsakemom-dried-flowersbreast-milk-jewelry-bead-flowers-dry-keepsakemom

    Add Dried Flowers of Your Own

  • Gold Flakes Showing Inclusions to Add When Customizing Breast Milk Jewelry - KeepsakeMombreast-milk-necklace-heart-january

    Add Color or Metal Flakes

  • Add Custom or Birth Month Crushed Gem Stones

  • keepsakemom-shimmers

    Add Custom or Birth Month Shimmer (front)

  • breastmilk-necklace-back-textbreastmilk-jewelry-text-extra-added-keepsakemom

    Add Text on the Back of Your Pendant

  • KeepsakeMom-breastmilk-jewelry-breastmilk-necklace-Heart-of-Rose-Gold

    Sterling Silver Chain (Gold Plated Options)

  • keepsakemom-ring-resizing22.jpg

    Ring Resizing

  • breastmilk-jewelry-anna-making-jewelry.

    Repair of a damaged item

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