14K Gold Breast Milk Jewelry

14K Gold Breast Milk Jewelry

Solid Gold Breast Milk Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

Whether you love the timeless look of white gold or eye-catching rose gold bands, you can’t go wrong with 14k gold breast milk jewelry. Browse our complete collection of breast milk rings in real gold options including white, rose, and yellow gold below.


Why Should I Order a Real Gold Breast Milk Ring?

Real gold breastmilk jewelry not only looks amazing but can stand the test of time. 14k gold is the perfect intersection between affordability and durability. This makes real gold breast milk rings a practical choice for busy moms who want to wear this sentimental and stunning piece of jewelry every day.

When looking for breast milk jewelry in gold, 14k offers the unmatched look and durability you need.

14k White Gold Breast Milk Jewelry

A 14k white gold breast milk ring offers a clean and classic look that will last for decades to come. It perfectly complements silver jewelry and the subtle shine truly lets the main stone and accents stand out.

Breast Milk Jewelry in Rose Gold

If you like a little more color in your band, you can’t go wrong with rose gold. Breast milk jewelry in rose gold gets its eye-catching color from the addition of copper, which also helps our rings remain durable and low maintenance. 

Breast Milk Jewelry Yellow Gold

The warm tones of breast milk jewelry in yellow gold look beautiful on nearly everyone. The shining band of breast milk jewelry in yellow gold complements other warm gemstones to truly make your custom jewelry shine.

Personalized 14k Gold Breast Milk Jewelry

If you’re looking for a way to help a new mom celebrate their breastfeeding journey, or if you yourself are a mother searching for a meaningful keepsake, our 14k breast milk jewelry offers a one-of-a-kind combination of symbolism and style. 

Along with our stunning band options, we also offer plenty of customization to help make your breastmilk jewelry in gold truly your own. Accent your solid gold breast milk ring with sparkling gemstones that come in all birth colors or add pearl powder or opal flake effect to the stone. 

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