From pretty pendants and beautiful rings to elegant earrings and charming bracelets, breastmilk jewelry contains resin stones made from your breastmilk.

Making quality breastmilk jewelry is a craft, requiring skill, tooling, the right breastmilk curing process as well as a keen understanding of acrylic resin jewelry-making.

Using a proprietary curing process, we preserve and cure your breast milk, turning it into a dry powder, which we mix with clear, acrylic resin. We then cast this mixture into a silicone mold to shape and create your breastmilk stone. To learn more, click here.

It comes down to trust. Other than a DNA test, there is no real way to prove that we or others use your breast milk. However, as nursing mothers ourselves, we know the importance and deep significance that our breastmilk jewelry embodies. Additionally, we take great pride in our jewelry and we would never risk damaging the reputation we've created.

Our customers vary. We have mothers who buy themselves a pendant to celebrate their special time with their child. Some mothers buy an heirloom for their newborn, which is put away and never worn. Fathers and significant others buy gifts to show their appreciation. Mothers give their daughters or daughters-in-law a present to celebrate motherhood. Mothers present their significant others with cufflinks to include them in the process. Some families choose to have a piece created for each child since breast milk is always different. We also have situations where families want to commemorate the loss of a child. In our experience, breastmilk jewelry is for everyone.

Every mother’s milk is different, and these differences make your breastmilk jewelry piece unique and personal. Some breast milk contains more protein, creating a centerpiece with a brighter, whiter color. For fattier breast milk, the stone will have a creamy white appearance. If the breast milk is watery, the piece will have a lighter and more translucent look. And if the breast milk has a high sugar content, the stone might look dense. The composition of your breast milk also depends on the stage of your breastfeeding. Colors, densities and hues differ, and we craft each piece individually and by hand. Additionally, inclusions, such as gold and silver flakes, can layer and settle differently with each stone. Consequently, no two pieces are the same. Each is unique to you and your baby.

Yes, we welcome custom orders! But we first encourage you to browse our broad offering of jewelry to understand the range of possibilities. Adding inclusions is another way to create a custom piece. Read more about inclusions here.

For orders placed in the United States and Canada, we make sending us your breast milk easy. When you place your order, we send you a labeled, leak-proof storage bag for your milk, with instructions, and a padded, pre-paid return envelope. Return shipping is free.

Yes, you can use breast milk that is fresh, old or defrosted.

The shipping process does not require refrigeration. We use a proprietary curing process to preserve your breast milk, which neutralizes the milk, even if your breast milk is old or off. We have never had an issue with breastmilk delivery.

We require two tablespoons of milk to create your breastmilk stone. However, we can and do work with low-supply mothers, and in these circumstances, we can work with one tablespoon of your milk.

When you place your order, we send you a labeled, leak-proof storage bag for your breast milk. We include instructions and we include a prepaid return envelope so that return shipping is free. You just add your milk and drop the envelope in the mailbox.

No, we cannot store any additional, unused breast milk. However, we do store any surplus, leftover cured milk that we processed into powder but didn’t need for your jewelry. We store this for six months in the event you wish to purchase a second piece.

The standard processing time for our breastmilk jewelry is five to eight weeks from the date we receive your milk (but up to 12 weeks for rings and complex pieces).

But you can also rush your order for a fee. By adding Rush Turnaround to your purchase, we prioritize your order and guarantee that we will dispatch your finished jewelry First-Class Mail within 4 weeks from the date we receive your breast milk.


Yes, you can rush your order for a fee. By adding Rush Turnaround to your purchase, we prioritize your order and guarantee that we will dispatch your finished jewelry First-Class Mail within 4 weeks from the date we receive your breast milk.

Yes, we ship internationally. But with international orders, you will need to send us your breast milk. When you purchase your jewelry, we will send you instructions on how and where to send your milk.

The first step when creating breastmilk jewelry is to neutralize and turn the milk into a powder. No smell or liquid will remain in your stone.

We use a proprietary curing process that neutralizes your milk and prevents it from discoloring. However, as all resins amber with exposure to UV light, your stone may develop a creamy hue over time. But this is completely natural. No yellowing will occur.

Breastmilk jewelry is durable. However, as with any fine jewelry, proper care and handling are essential and contribute to the durability of your breastmilk jewelry.

Careful treatment of your breastmilk jewelry is important. When practical, avoid exposing your jewelry to prolonged, direct sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations. Always remove your breastmilk jewelry before going into a sauna or when tanning. With each breastmilk jewelry purchase, we provide a soft bag for storing your piece. Place your jewelry in it and store the bag in a dark, cool place, and avoid excessively humid environments.

Your breastmilk stone will be extremely hard, but this does not mean it will be scratch-proof. You can scratch the surface with a sharp edge, so be mindful of your jewelry when handling abrasive items. Additionally, if you layer your jewelry, rubbing of the pieces can cause wear.

Remove your breastmilk jewelry before you bathe or shower, before you wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer, and before you go swimming. The buildup of residue and chemicals added to your water supply can dull the sheen of your breastmilk stone.

Avoid exposing your breastmilk jewelry to harsh chemicals. Alcohol, while useful for cleaning the metal parts of jewelry, can potentially damage the surface of your breastmilk jewelry stone. Avoid exposure to perfume because it is often alcohol-based. Oils from your skin can be harmful as well and dull the sheen of your breastmilk stone.

Clean your breastmilk jewelry using cool water and a mild soap. Polish it with a soft, clean rag. And never use jewelry cleaners or harsh chemicals.

With proper care, your breastmilk jewelry will last a lifetime.

The most accurate way to determine your ring size is to visit your local jeweler and have them size your ring finger. Otherwise, download our ring sizing guide and instructions.

Due to the personal nature of each piece, we do not accept returns. However, if you should receive an item that is defective, damaged or not what you ordered, we will help you resolve any issues as quickly as possible by replacing the item, once the faulty item has been returned to us by post.

Regarding order cancellations, we only accept order cancellations where we have not yet received your breast milk, and in these circumstances, there is a $10 fee to cancel, which covers our time and the cost of the breast milk collection kit. If we have received your breast milk and commenced the curing process, but not completed it, there is a $40 fee to cancel, which covers our time, materials, and deposits, if any, on custom jewelry settings. If we have completed the breast milk curing process and your jewelry is queued for production, or is in production, we do not accept order cancellations.

For all order changes, please email [email protected] for approval, as it depends on which stage your order is at, as well as the piece of jewelry originally selected. If approved, there is a $10 fee for any changes plus any incremental difference in cost if the changes result in a higher priced item. However, rings are an exception. For ring changes, the fee and processing time will vary based on the ring, as we custom order each ring individually. If your order can be changed, we will email you a link for payment. If the changes result in a lesser priced item, you forfeit the difference, there are no refunds.