What to Put in Your Baby Keepsake Box: 7 Creative Ideas

A floral printed baby keepsake box with a special infant toy inside

What to Put in Your Baby Keepsake Box: 7 Creative Ideas

When you were still pregnant, you might have imagined crafting the perfect baby scrapbook. You forgot one important thing, however: you’d be busy taking care of your sweet newborn baby!  

Capturing memories can seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to burn the midnight oil to maintain a gorgeous, moving memento of your baby’s first year.  

Instead, consider putting together a baby keepsake box. Think of it like a tactile scrapbook filled with meaningful items from your pregnancy, birth, and your earliest days with your newborn. It’s a simple, low-effort DIY project that also makes a wonderful gift for new parents. The result is a collection of memories that you and your little one will cherish for life.  

We’ve created this guide to help you learn to create a beautiful, meaningful keepsake box for a baby. Keep reading to discover our tips for crafting this gorgeous heirloom.  

What Is a Baby Keepsake Box?   

A baby keepsake box is a container filled with meaningful items that tell your baby’s story. These can include objects from your pregnancy and birth, too. Rather than large, bulky objects, these boxes are a home for trinkets linked to memories.  

Imagine sitting down with your little one when they’re old enough to ask questions about their earliest days. Your baby’s memory box might serve as a catalyst for those precious conversations. It has all the allure of the scrapbook, only you can hold each moment in your hands.  

Plus, many keepsake boxes include photos, too. It’s all the joy of a scrapbook or baby book without the need for endless cutting and gluing. If you prepare the box before your baby’s arrival, all you’ll need to do is fill it with warm memories.   

To Make or To Gift?  

Many loved ones are eager to contribute to your baby’s story. Is it acceptable to gift a baby keepsake box to a new or expectant mother?  

In most cases, we believe the answer is yes! Gifting a parent-to-be a gorgeous vessel for their memories can help facilitate meaningful memory-making. It can be especially touching to receive a handmade or customized box from a friend or family member. 

With that said, many new parents like to choose and decorate their own box. It can be an incredibly personal process. After all, this box will become an heirloom that they carry with them for their entire life.  

We advise having a conversation with the mom-to-be. Ask if she has a strong feeling about choosing, decorating, and creating her own keepsake box.   

Choosing the Perfect Box 

Many baby stores and boutiques sell dedicated baby keepsake boxes. These boxes often have small drawers where you can keep the tiniest mementos from your little one’s earliest days.  

Scrapbooking boxes are an excellent, inexpensive alternative. The boxes are about the size of a shoebox. Each one is acid-free to prevent damage to the contents. That’s really all you need in a keepsake box!  

You may be able to find these boxes in a round hatbox shape, too. They are the perfect canvas for customization or decor.  

Here are a few of our favorite baby keepsake box ideas

  • Make your first sonogram or baby’s hospital photo the central image 
  • Use paint pens to add the baby’s name and birth statistics 
  • Have your loved ones decorate the box at your baby shower or sprinkle 
  • Decorate the box with the baby’s hand or footprints  
  • Allow an older sibling to decorate the baby’s keepsake box 
  • Use scrapbooking materials to create a stunning collage  
  • Put a picture of you as a baby beside a picture of your little one 

There is no wrong way to decorate your unique DIY baby keepsake box. Your creativity will ensure your little one’s special box is as unique as they are.  

What To Put In Your Baby Keepsake Box: 7 Unique Ideas 

A mom-to-be writes a letter to her unborn child for inclusion in a baby keepsake box

Here are a few items that make a baby’s keepsake box into something truly special. Remember, focus on items that help tell your baby’s story. Items tied to happy or special memories are key! 

1. A Letter To Baby 

Consider writing a letter to your baby before their birth. It can be the first item you place in the keepsake box. Discuss your excitement, hopes, and dreams, and talk about your pregnancy or adoption process.  

2. Sonograms and Photos 

Consider including scans of important photos and images. You can even put them on a flash drive to make them easier to store. You might order prints of these things in the form of mini polaroids for a cute, vintage touch.  

3. A Pair of Baby Shoes 

As little ones grow, they’ll be amazed by how tiny they once were! A precious pair of shoes or booties is an adorable addition to any memory box.  

4. A Breastmilk Charm 

What if you could capture your precious early bonding time in the form of a stunning, bespoke charm? Breastmilk charms are one of the most unique and meaningful additions to include in a memory box.  

5. A Hand or Foot Cast 

It’s easy to make a DIY hand or foot cast. You’ll be able to hold your little one’s perfect, tiny hand or foot in your hands.  

6. First Haircut Mementos 

Include a lock of hair, a before photo, and an after photo! You can include any special hair accessories, too.  

7. Baby’s ID Bracelet 

Consider saving your baby’s hospital ID bracelet or even a tiny, beaded name bracelet from their earliest days.  

Capture Ephemeral Memories With KeepsakeMom 

The key to the perfect baby keepsake box is unique, meaningful objects that tell the story of your baby’s earliest days. A breastmilk charm is a gorgeous way to honor the time you’ve spent bonding with your sweet infant. You will relish opening your baby’s memory box and holding a piece of your story between your palms.  

It’s time to capture those gorgeous, fleeting memories in a form that will last forever. Shop breastmilk charms and learn how it feels to freeze a precious moment in time, 

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