Breastfeeding in Public: Tips for Finding Privacy On the Go

Young mother breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding in Public: Tips for Finding Privacy On the Go

Breastfeeding is an empowering experience. Your baby relies solely on you for nutrition, comfort and connection, and breastfeeding enables you to provide everything they need to thrive during those first six months of life (and beyond). 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that breastfeeding feels natural from the start. Getting used to your baby feeding from you, all while acclimating the entire world to fit these new feeding habits, can be uncomfortable and intimidating at the start. This stigma and discomfort attached to breastfeeding still has people wondering if breastfeeding in public is legal — but there are laws in place to make it possible to achieve your breastfeeding goals

Thankfully, there are plenty of different ways to make yourself feel more comfortable with breastfeeding in public so that your baby can feed just as well on the go as they do at home. Getting yourself comfortable for a feeding session is just as important as it is for your baby; if you feel even slightly uncomfortable, this can have a big impact on the feeding session. 

If you’re feeling nervous about breastfeeding on the go and you’re looking for guidance, consider these tips.

1. Perfect the Latch

If you want to be successful in breastfeeding your baby in public, it’s important to make sure you’re in good shape at home as well. If you’re having a hard time getting your baby to latch or feed in a comfortable position, talk to your pediatrician or a lactation consultant for assistance. They can help you get more comfortable with breastfeeding in general and assist with issues keeping you from feeding your baby on the go. 

2. Remember Practice and Patience

It can be incredibly difficult to learn how to breastfeed in public without a pillow or other resources you use in the comfort of your home. But you can still bring along other accessories that can help you bring the baby closer to your breast, like a heavy blanket or stuffed animal. Learning how to breastfeed a newborn in public is a learning experience; remember to give yourself patience and practice during this new stage of your life. 

3. Dress for Success

Being open to the idea of breastfeeding in public means thinking more logically about what you wear. Restrictive clothing like jumpers or tight dresses, for example, might not set you up for success the same way more relaxed options can. Nursing clothing designed specifically for breastfeeding is a great option for mothers getting used to this new habit. These pieces of clothing have hidden openings for simple and efficient breastfeeding feeding without exposing your stomach, back, sides and breasts.   

Remember: You don’t have to necessarily buy breastfeeding clothing to feel comfortable feeding in public — flowy shirts and dresses can make it easier for you to lift your garments and breastfeed without exposing your entire chest and other areas of your body. 

Mother breastfeeding baby in the park

4. Carry a Coverup 

If you’re feeling uncomfortable about the idea of breastfeeding your baby in public, a coverup or a blanket can make a big difference in your mood and demeanor. Blankets and coverups are a discrete way to gain privacy during breastfeeding without having to room your clothing out in public. We recommend practicing this method at home before you trust it while breastfeeding on the go; adding a cover to the mix can be a learning curve for both you and your baby. Make sure you are both comfortable with the coverup before getting overwhelmed in public.

5. Get to Know Your Destination 

Breastfeeding in public can feel like the whole world is watching you, especially if you’re in a small or unfamiliar place with little privacy from the start. If you want to be proactive about your breastfeeding experience while you’re out and about, get to know your destination first. Is there an opportunity for you to find a quiet, stress-free space to feed your baby? Do they have designated breastfeeding areas? Answering these questions in advance can help you feel more comfortable when it’s time to run errands. 

6. Find Your Breastfeeding Support System

Surrounding yourself with good company is one of the most important things you can do as a mother, especially one who advocates for comfortable breastfeeding in public. If you find yourself struggling to breastfeed your baby without worrying about the eyes around you, consider finding a breastfeeding support system. Whether it’s a group of mothers, your friends, or your partner, hold onto those who lift you up while breastfeeding and reach out for support when you need it.  

7. Advocate For Other Breastfeeding Mothers 

As you find your own personal breastfeeding support system, remember to continue advocating for other mothers in the same position. Breastfeeding is an amazing, powerful thing. Women who feel empowered to breastfeed in public can help beat social stigmas while continuing to nourish their babies. 

Celebrate Nursing in Public and Private 

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